Spray on Bed Liner                                       


Sprayed on Thick, Impact Absorbing Protection...
It's the TOUGHEST of all spray on bed liners.  Its NON-SKID surface holds loads better.  It will not tear or rip like other "softer" spray on liners. Our bed liners are tested for strength and protection in the laboratory to assure truck owners the superior physical properties needed for their heavy truck use.



Done In One Day
Professionally sprayed on up to 3/16 of an inch thick, the surface dries in 3 to 5 seconds. The total job, including masking and spraying is done in one day. Your truck is ready immediately but please wait 24 hours for rugged use. An appointment is necessary.



Molds Precisely to Every Contour - a Permanent Bond to the bed
Bonding permanently to your truck bed, our material molds around every contour, providing a weather and water tight seal which seals out rust and corrosion. No lost cargo space!



Yes... It’s Repairable
Even if the most unlikely mishap occurs, we can seamlessly repair the surface in minutes. (Impossible with a drop-in liner).

Some damage caused by extreme abuse that is non-repairable and requires removing and respraying material may not be covered under the lifetime warranty.


Advanced Polyurethane Formulation... it's like the soles of your work boots
Bedliners Plus uses a material created by a former Line-X chemist to ensure that your truck bed will withstand extreme impact and abrasions.

Environmentally Friendly
Bedliners Plus uses a material that is environmentally friendly.  It contains no VOCs, no CFCs and is solvent free!


Impact Protection and Quiet
It’s thick shock absorbing qualities dampen sound and vibration. No rattling around like some drop-in liners.



Accessories Fit Great
Bed lids, camper shells, fiberglass tops, 5th wheel hitches, tie downs, utility boxes, etc. all fit great because our material molds to every contour and does not interfere with accessory installation. All factory drain holes, inspection plates and/or tie-downs are kept as they are. Typically, any plates are removed, sprayed, then reinstalled. Tie-downs are removed, the bed or wall is sprayed, then the tie-down bracket reattached.


Adds Value to New and Older Trucks
A spray on bed liner is a great way to add resale value, whether you spray it on a well used or a new truck bed. According to the NADA* "Official Used Car Appraisal Guide" a spray-on Bedliner adds $225 in trade-in value to your truck. (*National Auto Dealers Association - Sept. 5, 2000 edition)


Resistant to Most Common Chemicals
Including: Pool chlorine, auto fuel, diesel fuel, paints, bleaches, organic solvents, fertilizers, and much more!


Standard Bed Liner Pricing

Mini Truck $500

Short Bed $550

Long Bed $600

Prices subject to change. Removal and Reinstallation of accessories is an extra charge. Additional prep work (sanding, sand blasting, non-factory paint removal, etc.) is an extra charge.



Aftermarket bumpers can be installed on most vehicles. Some of our favorites are Trailready, Buckstop, Fab Fours, and ARB. Please view our products page for more information about bumpers and brands that we offer. All bumpers have to be ordered, most taking 6-8 weeks to receive after an order is placed. Please stop by our showroom if you have any questions about bumpers or would like to place an order.

Tool Boxes

We offer Highway Products tool boxes. All boxes come with a lifetime warranty. We keep a wide variety of boxes in stock, and install most boxes free of charge. For more information on Highway Products boxes, please view our products page or stop by our showroom.

Aftermarket Lighting

We offer Rigid Industries and PIAA off road lighting. We keep a large selection of off road lights in stock. Installation of aftermarket lighting requires an appointment. For more information about Rigid Industries or PIAA lighting, please view our products page or stop by our showroom.

Most Rigid Industries and PIAA lights are for off-road use only and are not SAE compliant. We hold no responsibility for mis-use of off-road lighting. 

Seat Covers

We offer Marathon, Ruff Tuff, and Wet Okole seat covers. All seat covers are custom fit and special order for your vehicle. To place a seat cover order, the vehicle must be present. Seat covers take approximately four weeks to receive after an order is placed.


We offer Snugtop canopies! All canopies are special order, and vehicle specific, with many different options available. We do not keep any canopies in stock. An accurate price quote can only be given in person due to the many options and styles available. Canopies take approximately four weeks to get once an order is placed. To place an order, the vehicle must be present.

Fuel Tanks

We offer Transfer Flow refueling tanks. Installation of refueling tanks is usually scheduled 4-6 weeks out. For more information about refueling tanks please view our products page or stop by our showroom.

Fender Flares

We offer Bushwacker Fender Flares. Flares are available for most vehicles. All flares are special order. An appointment is necessary for installation.


Standard Fender Flare Pricing

Most Applications $499 and up

Pocket Flares $575 + Tax



Pocket Flares $240

05+ Tacoma $320

All Other Flares $180


Flares can be painted to match most vehicles for an additional $350. Pearl white is an additional $450.

Flares can be sprayed in bed liner material for an additional $250.

Paint is not gauranteed to be a perfect match.  



Truck Bed Covers

We have many different options available for truck bed covers. Our most popular sellers are Retrax roll top covers, and Extang tri-fold covers. Several other brands are available. Prices and availability vary depending on the truck. We do not keep any bedcovers in stock. All bed covers are special order, but can generally be delivered within a few days. For more information about bed covers, please view our products page or stop by our showroom to view displays.

A 50% Non-Refundable deposit is required on all special orders.

Deposits will be forfeited after 90 days and three failed attempts to contact you either via phone, text, or voicemail. No exceptions.

We will not order canopies or seat covers without the vehicle present, no exceptions.

We do not install roof mount or customer supplied light bars.

No returns after 30 days.

Restocking fees may apply for special orders.

Snugtop canopies are not guaranteed to perfectly match vehicle.

There is no gaurantee against leaking for canopies or bed covers.

Labor to repair a canopy or bedcover is not free of charge.

Replacing warrantied Snugtop Parts is not free of charge.

Spraying over bare steel is not recommended, nor is our material gauranteed to stick to it. For best results, steel must be sandblasted. Sand blasting is an additional charge and is weather dependent. Your appointment may need to be rescheduled to accomodate sand blasting.

Labor shop rate is $80 per Hour.

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